How a Drug Smuggler Tried to Hide $90k Worth of Heroin in His Air Force 1s

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According to BSO Online, a drug smuggler attempted smuggling 3 pounds of Heroin in his sneakers.

"A drug mule tried to put the “sneak” in sneakers last week — but got busted at JFK with $90,000 worth of heroin in 3 pairs of Nike Air Force 1s … officials say.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection says the drug mover was on a flight from the Dominican Republic — and when he got to the inspection, officials noticed his shoes were unusually heavy.

In the end, officials say they found 3 POUNDS of heroin hidden in the kicks … with an estimated street value of $90,000!!!"

As if people couldn't get any dumber, the job of TSA at Airports are to 'find' illegal items in passengers belongings. It's not smart to try and outsmart their training.

The drug dealer is facing drug smuggling charges.