How Ancient Art Got Saved With Just a 'Handbag'

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If you love art, especially 'ancient' art, Manos Zapotecas is worth a few mins of your time.

Being a fair trade fashion brand for the 'artistic' and 'conscious' consumer, the brand joined forces with the creators in Teotitlán del Valle, a Zapotec village on the outer parts of Oaxaca City in Mexico. No longer than a mere three years prior, founder Shelley Tennyson seen a ravishing opportunity to introduce a new twist to the brand by collaborating with skilled weavers on the brink of discarding away their creative skill-sets for a more profitable livelihood.

In the present day, Manos Zapotecas has a growing amount of artisans who curate an elegant selection of purses, hand-crafted clutches and totes throughout the U.S. as well as online. Releasing their newest collection ('Equinox') for the Fall/Winter season, nothing less than 'statuesque' can describe their opulence. From richly dyed wools in red-oranges and burgundy, these pieces are the perfect pairing to the changing of the seasons. This just goes to show that with teamwork, cadence and coordination, excellence can be achieved.

Check out the pictures below of these pieces for yourself, and be sure to visit their website to show your support for their growing brand in fashion.



Source:The Cultureist, Amber Dunlap