How Do You Feel About This Newspaper Cover?

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As if seeing the video wasn't bad enough, The New York Daily news makes this horrific image their cover for the day. And with one simple word smacked across the top...


To share amongst the general public in such open fashion brings concern to my mind as to the decency of people. We could understand if the pic didn't show the gunshot, but it clearly does in the order of events. Pictures are worth a thousand words. This cover is simply worth one - "disgraceful".

Many responded via social media to to the actions of the newspaper giant in hopes that their voices would ring loud and clear.


We understand that every publication wants to go viral - we get that. But lets preserve some dignity for those who lost their lives due to the hands of the wicked. Let's learn and move forward from this in anticipation that these images don't end up in the wrong hands... Our children.