OPINION: How The West Was Won?

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Growing up there were always debates in regards to who's the best in everything.

Regardless if it's Biggie vs Pac, Joe Mantana vs Tom Brady, and so forth. But the biggest NBA debate isn't if Kobe will be better than Jordan. The real argument takes place in the race for 2014-2015 MVP. Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose, and Carmelo are out the conversation for the first time in years. However a season filled with intriguing storylines, helps to establish nothing short of another amazing season.

Atlanta has secured a breakout regular season grabbing the top seed in a desolate Eastern conference. The favored East Contender Cav's finally looks like the elite unit we'd imagine. Chicago continues to prove that they still can make a decent run in the playoff's without Derrick. Miami has fallen out of the postseason due to a long list of injuries on the team. Even with all of that being said it's still plenty of excitement to come out of the East.

The true dominance of power has shifted to the West over the last four seasons. A conference that is stacked with elite point/ shooting guards has created rivalries for a lifetime. The pace of the West has left everyone in a daze with the immense talent that it has to offer. The splash brothers have perhaps cemented their name in the history books with being arguably the best backcourt ever. Curry/Thompson has continued to put on a shooting display for the masses day each night. Under the leadership of first year head coach Steve Kerr, can the Warrior's pull out a championship?


James Harden has single handedly proven that he has the ingredients of what a superstar is. The bearded crusader has elevated to a level rarely seen in the NBA. Without the talented center Harden has been able to hold his own against the best of the best. With his ability to penetrate the defense, Harden has proven that he's the player you want taking the last shot. His energy on the court, along with his ankle breaker skills is second to none.

The fearsome Thunder has been on a decline since the start of the season. A team filled with an assortment of injuries, struggled in the early part of the season. Even with their disadvantage, Oklahoma is still in the hunt for the playoffs thanks to the machine Russell Westbrook. Since the beginning of February has had over seven Triple doubles with at least 30 pts, 12 assist, and 12 rebounds.

Who from the West will make it to the final dance?

Written by: Jerrell Carter, HYPEFRESH