How We React to Shaun King's Race News Shows How Ugly America Can Be

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This week we finally got media outlets to pay attention to the Black Lives Matter movement, but for all the wrong reasons.

Instead of dealing with or even acknowledging that there is an issue they chose to character assassinate one of its more noteworthy and celebrated activists. Shaun King, a Daily Kos staff member and activist, has readily admitted for some time that the man listed on his birth certificate (a White man) was not his biological father.

The media, both legitimate and social, ran with it as the second coming of Rachel Dolezal.

King has conceded that his family history is complicated but has never contradicted himself and has been known since elementary school as bi-racial or Black.

His story may come out in time but if it doesn't so what.

Even if Shaun King or any other activist is not what he or she claims to be, does it dilute or pollute the message that has been echoed many times over? Not at all.

Choosing "the confusion tool" of the Right for as long as there has been a Right. When you don’t have the weapon of truth what is the alternative? You try to change or shift the narrative, to define Shaun King's Blackness.

It's a power play and for some reason people are falling for it.

So quick to want to believe everything written regardless of the source, the facts or common sense - and as shameful as Breitbart and Glenn Beck and the like are, we should be ashamed of ourselves for propagating the character assassination of a man who has done more in defense of Blacks and more for America than any of us.

America isn’t just one race that we have come to accept - it's all of us, so when I say he has done good for this country I mean as a whole. He is not advocating diminishing one race to lift another, just asking, helping, demanding equality - something intrinsic to all Americans by our own constitution yet seemingly only applicable when you have means or privilege.

What does this man have to prove? Are people ever asked to prove their Whiteness? Why as Blacks do we feel the need to seek the approval of the media? Why do they get to decide the level or degree of our Blackness? What is disappointing is how we react to it. Richard Pryor said it best,

“You know, because we never was no n*****. That’s a word that’s used to describe our own wretchedness, and we perpetuate it now because it’s dead. That word’s dead. We’re men and women.”

When we allow media and smear campaigns to define us, tell us who we are and how black we are and we readily accept it then we are exactly the n****** they say we are.