Hustle & Flow: Pre-Grammy Hip-Hop Yoga Event

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What do you get when you mix Grammy Awards, yoga and music together? An awesome yoga party called Hustle & Flow: Pre-Grammy Hip-Hop Yoga event. I'm all about fitness and being healthy and I've also done hot yoga previously before. However, this kind of event adds music into the mix, which could entice any fitness novice.

So, although yoga is used to help re-center people physically and mentally, the touch of hip-hop adds fun for those who don't usually partake in the activity. Jami Stigliano, one of the minds behind the creation of the event, answered a few of my questions. Hopefully her answers help you all decide to attend!

What was the reason behind having a pre-grammy yoga party?
Jami: Our team is passionate about creating engaging experiences around music, and fitness is a powerful way to connect to music and artists in a meaningful way. I always say that next to being in love, the experience of sweating and working out is the most powerful time to connect to a consumer through music.

How do you see a yoga event going hand-in-hand with the Grammy Awards?
Jami Among all the cocktail events, dinners, and brunches, it's great to re-center and connect with our industry colleagues in an active way.

Who thought of the concept and what was the driving reason behind it and can you explain what the event will be like?
Jami: We have partnered with the incredible Y7 Yoga whose studio has really put the concept of "hip hop yoga" on the map. I have been practicing with them at their New York studio for several years. It's a traditional 60 minute vinyasa practice set to a hip-hop playlist (often with a live DJ). This event will feature a playlist of GRAMMY nominated artists like Miguel, Fetty Wap, and Kedrick Lamar - and we'll sneak a few rising stars in there as well. It's a chance to re-connect to our passion for the industry in a meaningful way.

Is this the first of its kind for pre-grammy events?
Jami: Yes - this is a first of its kind event during GRAMMY weekend. We hope to make it an annual event.

Who are some notable guests that will be attending the event?
Jami: We have notable music managers, senior label executives, and other industry influencers - as well as fitness influencers who are so important to our industry.

What is your full work background?
Jami: I've been in the industry 15 years, spent mostly at or as a consultant to major labels. I worked at JIVE Records as a Director of Marketing where I got to be part of the incredible career starts of Chris Brown, Ciara, T-Pain and others - and as part of the pop marketing team on big campaigns for Britney Spears, P!nk, and Justin Timberlake. I also spent time in artist management working with Cody Simpson, Eric Benet, and CeeLo Green.

Are you an avid-yoga attendee? Has it helped you personally find your "balance" within work or even your personal life?
Jami: Yoga is a near daily practice and as been for the last 5 years. The principles of the practice - discipline, self-control, patience, and love - have made me a better executive and person.

Is this open to everyone? Beginners and advanced members?
Jami: The Y7 team creates an amazing experience that welcomes ALL levels to the practice.

Why, do you think, people should come to this event?
Jami: It's a chance to disconnect to reconnect.

Why is yoga important?
Jami: It's a moving meditation, and for those who don't like to meditate or think they "can't" meditate - I recommend making yoga a part of your life.