HYPEFRESH®'s Top 5 Twitter Accounts in June, 2015

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My name is Clark Kennedy, and i'm a Twitter addict.

I'm not ashamed to admit this, mainly due to the overwhelmingly large number of other Twitter addicts out in the world. But can you blame me, being the owner of HYPEFRESH® Magazine? How else would I be able to connect with the World's finest social media curators? Even better, have something cool to talk about?

Whether just regular, everyday accounts, or those coveted 'blue check' mark ones, I'm curiously intrigued about each follower. Of course, I can't see em all, but I do make it my job to check out those who share interest in HYPEFRESH® or my personal account (@CLKKennedy).

Today, I feel like sharing my favorite Twitter feeds, varying throughout different people, industries, and professions. If you don't make the list, no worries. I'll be picking them every month, so there's plenty of opportunities to get listed. Check it out.


 1. Asia Monet Ray

Asia Monet Ray Twitter

I remember seeing Asia Monet Ray pop up on our Instagram feed. My first thoughts? "Man, this girl can dance." Then, taking it a step further, I visited her Twitter feed. "Wait a minute... Why does she look so young?" Then I realized, she's only 9 years old. This blew my mind. She's extremely talented and gifted with a variety of skills.

In addition to this, she's an Actress/Actor, and singer with mad talent, being featured on Lifetime's network hit, Dance Moms. She even got her own spin off show (Raising Asia) from being a phenomenon/sensation on the series.

Check out sick dance moves below, and make sure to follow her onTwitterandIG.


2. Global Grind

Global Grind Twitter

Just incredible.

Global grind is always on point. They bring the heat to your feed when you need a scoop with a twist. Being in the press business, I honestly look up to their style of Tweeting. These guys will say some of the damdest things, and guess what? They won't give a flying fish about what anyone thinks. Mostly a circulated news feed, they really pack a huge punch on a day to day basis. An entertaining twist on the daily beast.

If I could make a suggestion, follow them now. It's worth the two clicks necessary from this article's starting point.

3. J57 aka Young Pacino.

J57 Twitter 2

This guy can make a beat to save your life. Literally. I remember first listening to Koncept, trying to Shazam his tracks to find out who produced most of his instrumentals. All to find out, J57's the guy. No, let me correct my words - that guy. Having produced for some of Hip Hop s illest heavyweights (Method Man, Action Bronson, Joey Badass, Brown Bag All Stars, etc) his static selection (primarily centered around the "sample" based style of production), has made him well known for his passion for the craft.

I've seen a few videos that show his amazing capability to flip old, dusty ass records (now used as frisbees in public parks) into hit gems banging down your speaker cones. His Twitter feed is interesting, only RT'ing key things. Important things, that matter. And of course, cool updates on his new projects in addition. Throw in a few quotes here and there, a video or two, and call the page "Young Pacino"? You're looking at an interesting perspective.

Click the screenshot below to listen to some of J57's production, collabed with some dope recording artists. And don't forget to follow his Twitter!

J57 homepage

4. Enitan Bereola.

J57 Twitter

All the ladies love Enitan Bereola. Why? Well, for starters he's the stylish, classy gentleman with more swag than swag itself. And for a point proven without too much detail, he's an Award Winning/Best-selling author for the hit lifestyle book "Gentlewoman".

Initially, it all started with his first publication "Bereolaesque", where he shared his detailed, personal perspective in aid to the men of the world in need of a few etiquette lessons. Then he applied his wisdom to the ladies, offering his humble and respectful advice on how women can find, keep and support their Kings at home.

And in the end, Sir Bereola is highly acclaimed, praised by many and adorned by the ladies. He's the equivalent of James Bond, just the African version, that is.

His Twitter feed is always going off with positive quotes, thoughts and perspectives. He's not brash either, rather smooth with his delivery. Even over the internet. After previously interviewing him for HYPEFRESH®, I too understand why he's championed amongst the masses.


5. Leebox

Leebox Twitter

Leebox is one of the most unique individuals I've met, in a while.

I remember finding her work via the internet (of course through Twitter) and being amazed at her thoughts and paradigms on life through her perspectives. The veteran photographer / hip hop music junkie visits different parts of the world and shoots with no intention. She just picks up her camera and clicks the button.

As easy as that sounds, its her personal technique many will never be able to duplicate. Mainly because it's intertwined with her passion behind the lens. Oh, don't get me wrong, she knows all the technicalities of photography. But her style is effortless and very easygoing, reducing stress over getting the "perfect" shot.

The resulting photographs are the finished products:

I think you guys would love her IG just as much as her Twitter. Visually, it's a diary of her life's journey. But to those who pay close attention to details, will see - she's a true visionary on a mission to capture the world in one shot.