I Lost 4 Hours Of Sleep Last Night Cuz of Meek Mill's Twitter Rant

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People have to be to work in the morning. Drop their kids off to school. Hell, even prepare lunch for the next work day. But most importantly, SLEEP!

Last night, if you are a Meek Mill fan, you probably un followed his Twitter account due to his everlasting tirade and tantrum on social media. Hell, I know I did, due to being woke up constantly due to his "feelings" on various topics. From Drake to Nicki Minaj losing to Ed Sheeran at last night's VMA's, there was an endless well of emotions displayed to the world.

Let's just be honest here. Meek, who cares. There are bigger issues other than your publicly displayed ones.

Let bygons be bygons. Take advice from Jay Z and gon' brush your shoulder off. There's a professionalism that should be exercised by verified accounts on Twitter. Rants to 4.63M followers proves that this guy doesn't have a best friend. 

Meek Mill. You are absolutely winning. Why allow the small things to knock you off your square? Stay on track, stay focused. You made it out the ghetto. Continue to "Dream" chase, not "petty" chase the bullshit.

Below are some of his late night tweets, keeping a third of Twitter's community sleepless: 


Meek Mill. Just remember why your fans are your followers. Don't lose them due to social media venting.

To see more of his tirade, visit his Twitter account directly at https://twitter.com/meekmill and share your thoughts? Do you think that this social media behavior is acceptable?