Iconic Playboy Mansion Is Now On Sale

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The iconic Playboy mansion, the home for many wild parties (if those walls could talk) and Hugh Hefner, is now up for sale.

Playboy Magazine is selling the mansion for $200 million, but there's a catch, Hefner gets to live there until he passes. Hefner has been renting out his room from the mansion for years, he bought the mansion in 1971 with just over $1 million.

Playboy Enterprises CEO, Scott Flanders spoke about selling the mansion. "This is the right time to seek a buyer for this incredible property who understands the role the Mansion has played for our brand and enables us to continue to reinvest in the transformation of our business," Flanders said. "The Playboy Mansion has been a creative center for Hef as his residence and workplace for the past 40 years, as it will continue to be if the property is sold."

The mansion at one point in time was extremely popular, but will forever be iconic in pop culture. It is 22,000 square feet, with 29 rooms and a four-bedroom guesthouse. It sits on 5 acres of land with a home theater, gym, tennis court, the grotto pool, a catering kitchen, a separate game house, exotic animals, and a zoo license.