If D'Angelo Vaped And Were Creepy

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Words// Clark Kennedy, HF®

Scrolling through our submissions, I come across an email that reads:

"Okay, so not exactly D'Angelo, but a fun homage to him in the latest episode of Shlongologues, featuring Nick Balestrieri, as he tells an haunting story of a father teaching his son all about the bond with his only friend."

After watching this funny short, I stopped for a sec and thought silently to myself.

"If D'Angelo vaped... Would he be acting like this?"

Of course I didn't think he would, but maybe he'd have an interesting story or two to share. Being high off the vapors do hit the brain mighty fast, and I'm sure D'Angelo would be fun to listen to - just minus the nakedness. We're good on that one.

In this video clip, the subject at hand is about that personal one on one relationship every man has with his.. ahem* - "johnson". Oh, c'mon... don't start acting like you don't know bruh. It's naturally essential to have a bond with your other brain. It's not like you guys won't be together until its all said and done.

​​​​​​The Shlongologues, which is a newly curated Web Series is a provocatively refreshing MALE twist on The Vagina Monologues featuring NY's best up-and-coming talent created by Comedy High! The masterminds behind the film company Comedy High Productionswas created in 2013 by two Latinas from the Bronx (Jesenia & Jenni) who create a unique kind of female-driven comedy that's intelligently risque.

Enjoy, and don't forget to leave your thoughts below.


written and performed by: Nick Balestrieri
directed by: Jesenia
director of photography: Marcos Sotomayor
edited by: Jesenia
filmed at: Atomicus Studios
produced by: www.comedyhighnyc.com