Craving Cultural Diversity?

Have no fear - 'First Fridays' are here.
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Have no fear - 'First Fridays' are here.

We are experiencing first hand the era of cultural diversity. The lines of esoteric and normal have been blurred and more than ever, individuals are expressing exactly who they are through various mediums of art. "First Friday" is the platform for such an incredible spectacle. It has become the hub of multiculturalism, where the cool kids can escape to experience a collaborative open space that welcomes every demographic. There is no segregation, just culture. So, if you crave cultural diversity, then "First Friday" is for you.

The last "First Friday" was hosted at Open Space in Northern Liberties Philadelphia featuring a range of performances from the most buzzed about artists within our culture. Fueled by Trap, R&B, Hip-Hop and wavy vibes, "First Friday" succeeded once again for Novum Entertainment's "First Friday" series. With performances from Mir Fontane, Mike Zombie, Michelle Hunt aka Mimi, Corey Lee, and Theodore Grams, this event captured the heart, vulnerability and vibe of culture and music right now. First Friday was super lit! With over 200 guests, it was one for the books and rightfully so.

Where else can you experience art, music, food, complimentary drinks with indie and the most buzzed about artists in the independent music scene? The answer is simple. No where. It's only at First Friday. It is a multi cultural experience that provides a platform for the creative community. No one is excluded. The mission is to present a diverse cultural experience rooted in the arts as a way to showcase local cultural purveyors and the influential taste makers of our generation. The most popular cultural engineers are the artists. And the most important are our friends at Novum Entertainment. Kudos and thank you for moving culture forward with "First Friday."

Check out the recap photos above and see you all at the next First Friday, September 2nd!

first friday flyer

Recap Photography by DVVINCI