IKEA Unveils a Placemat With a Smartphone Pouch

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Technology has found it's way into the most odd of places, including the dinner table?

IKEA, the swedish furniture company has now introduced the future of where your smartphone now lives during supper. In it's own pocket, located in the placemat.

I don't know... This seems to be a bit out of place, you know? What if Aunt Mable spills some Ice Tea on the table and you cell phone is within proximity? A pocket wont save it, that's for damn sure. But then theirs always the clever invention of waterproof technology that protects our devices now... Many have mixed feelings about this one.


As part of the Swedish retailer’s upcoming “SITTNING” collection that aims “to celebrate the joys of sharing a meal with those you love,” a new placemat that has a pouch sewn onto it, will be available for a bargain of $2 USD.

For more details, visit IKEA's website, keyword search "SITTNING". Share your thoughts on this idea. Yay, or Nay?