Importance Of Knowing About Radio

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Realizing how record labels need radio airplay is only half the battle. Why? Record labels and radio stations need each other, Now just hear me out; take a quick look at the radio side of things before we even discuss promotion in greater detail.

Artist are constantly in the music promotion wars arm themselves with an arsenal of information to convince stations to play their songs. They prepare for a promotional campaign by studying some facts about the business of radio. Basically this is how the business works. Draining at times too.

Want to be an artist study your craft LEARN the business.

Music-formatted radio stations both commercial and non-commercial get their music from record labels and independent artist. The radio industry uses that music to attract listeners to their stations. If they get enough listeners, consistently, they can attract advertisers who are eager to reach a select demographic group of consumers.

So, in a sense, a radio station uses music like bait to attract people of a certain age group, gender, and ethnicity so they can deliver listeners of that demographic group to their advertisers. If they do their programming right, radio stations can charge advertisers handsomely for the radio ads they air, and the income from advertisers is radio’s primary source of revenue.

Thinking about having your own station or even getting your music on air ? Well if you know the importance of radio you will be on top.