Indiana Man To Sue Dentist Office After All Teeth Are Removed

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One Indiana Man experienced the worst thing many people fear will happen to them going to the dentist. Donny Grigsby went to get 4 teeth removed, and woke up with all his teeth removed.

Grigsby is looking to file a malpractice lawsuit since all of his teeth were removed during surgery last month at White River Dental in Indiana. His wife Amanda Grisby said he was scheduled to simply remove 4 teeth, but after 5 hours passes, she thought something went wrong. After the surgery, Amanda found out due to fear of infection, Donny flatlined twice during surgery while dentist Dr. Aaron Strickland and Dr. Brittany Curnutt were removing his teeth. “He had been put into a medically induced coma, and he was laying there crying,” Amanda said.

“I am so ashamed now. I have no teeth,” Donny said. Although Amanda was given the excuse about his infection, Donny says he still does not understand why all of his teeth were removed. Donny is now suffering from blood clots and now walks around with an oxygen tank.