EXCLUSIVE: DJ YAHMEAN, The Professional Tour DJ

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Let's set the record straight. 

HYPEFRESH® x DJ YahmeanThis collaboration has been going on for a few months ever since he signed on to be officially sponsored and backed by us. Ever since then, The Professional Tour DJ (who works with groups such as Brick Bandits & MAD Decent) has been in almost every city across the U.S. within the course of 2 months. Just getting off tour from hosting MAD Decent's Summer Block Party with Diplo, Major Lazer & DJ Snake, the music guru takes some time to chat with us on his pastime.

And trust us, he's well deserving of the spotlight. Dropping a mixtape every week since the Summer began, he continues to push forward in a positive and upward direction. Many DJ's don't get many opportunities to relax, so we made sure he had a chill environment during the interview to chop it up. The conversation goes into how he got his start in the game to sharing helpful wisdom for aspiring DJ's trying to make ways into the industry.

Pay close attention to this one, and please after watching, leave your comments and thoughts in the box below. You can also check out his mixes on Soundcloud for yourself to get a taste of his musical vision.