Introducing The 'Here', Earbuds Which Allows Mutant Like Hearing

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Before you read this, watch the video above.

If you decided to skip the video, that's fine. But words can't explain what you'd hear if you decided to grab a pair.

CEO Noah Kraft calls it “superhuman hearing 1.0.”

These 'Here' buds allow mutant-like hearing for anyone who buys them, allowing the adjustment of life's surrounding volumes. Whether on a busy morning commute via subway, or trying to get some rest while a construction zone is plowing concrete in front your place, these truly get the job done.

One major plus with the buds is the simple fact that they enhance your listening abilities. Let's give you an applicable example. Say you're at a classical concert, but you couldn't afford front, middle, (or even worse), side seats, one could simply sit in the nosebleeds and crank up the 'hear bud'. Yeah, you may not have the best seat in the house, but at least you can feel like your in the front row.

You can pre-order these buds NOW via Kickstarter for $179, and they’ll be $249 when they officially launch in December. Check out more of these pics below.

If you want a more in-depth look into the creation of these earbuds, visit David Pierce write up on them via