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Meghan Markle is just steps away from becoming an American Princess. But with royalty comes sacrifice. Will she lose herself, or will she bring a change to a family of old habits?

Meghan Markle, is an American actress, who has just landed the best acting role of her career. After what’s being described as a whirlwind romance, Meghan Markle will be wed to Prince Harry at St. Georges Chapel. The two first met on a blind date back in 2016, and after just a couple of short years of dating have decided to tie the knot, making Meghan Markle a soon-to-be princess. Better than any of her previous roles as an actress, Markle will now take on the lifetime role of royal waves and dinners with the Queen. All might seem picture perfect, but once the rings are exchanged will that actually be the case?

According to those who know her best, Markle has always possessed a strong sense of confidence, independence, and a strong dedication to being a feminist. However, marrying into the royal family could pose a threat to the latter. Once in the family, Markle is expected to drop out of her former role as an actress, and take on more duties that better reflect the expectations of being a woman in the royal family. No more wearing what she desires, no more going where she pleases , and no more being referred to by her government name. These are just a few things she’ll now lose out on.

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According to one royal expert, 

She will become Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex ,because we don't give the brides titles in their own right. It's a tradition in Britain. There's a reason, but it's very boring. 

If not mistaken, feminists believe in political movements, ideologies, and social movements that share a common goal which is to define, establish, and achieve political, economic, personal, and social equality of sexes. However, she’s essentially being stripped of her own identity. She wont be known as Her Royal Highness Princess Meghan. In fact, there won’t even be a trace of her own name in the new title she is to receive. One can’t help but wonder if that’s a slap in the face to any woman who refers to herself as a member of the feminist movement?

Of course the general public doesn’t know everything that transpires within the palace walls, but there are claims being made that she’ll be losing a lot…if not all of her freedom. She’ll be under public watch nearly every second of her life the moment the wedding ceremony is over. Some will be watching out of pure admiration of her, but others will undoubtedly be watching as a way to keep tabs on any slip-ups. As part of becoming royalty, there are a few rules you must abide by. One of them being the termination of your right to exercise your right to vote. Although no one in the royal family is known to vote, this a complete contradiction to any belief of a feminist. For years women were not allowed to vote due to issues of inequality. And although not even Prince Harry will be voting, it’s a right that was fought for that Markle will seemingly be relinquishing without a fight.

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On top of that, her freedom of self expression is being stripped away too. There are strict rules for how females are to dress when dubbed a part of royal lineage. According to one publication, the queen has enforced a “no knees” policy when it comes to the clothes that’ll be worn in public. And as it appears, Meghan Markle hasn’t been seen in anything above the knee yet. Some of the other pieces she isn’t allowed to wear are bright colored nail polish, and sleeveless dresses. It's something that appears to be a drastic change considering Markle never shied away from a good mini with exposed arms. 

As the church doors open tomorrow, Markle will no doubt portray the vision of two things. She’ll first be a vision of beauty, and the vision of a woman who has lost some of her powers as a feminist. Sure she’ll most likely still be an advocate for it, but in reality she’s limited in practicing all the values a feminist stands for. 

But could there be a trick up her relatively new  long sleeves? Could she turn out to be like Princess Diana, who they say was known to challenge the rules a little?  Only time will tell, if she’s able to change the way women in the royal family are allowed to act, or if she bends the knee. 

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