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Is The RESSENCE Type 1 Worth the Money?

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The founder of RESSENCE, Mr. Benoit Mintiens just released the Type 1 W Titanium and Ostrich Watch with a price tag of $18, 165.

At first glance, I believed the watch to be pretty awesome for multiple reasons. The most obvious of course, is that the watch does not have a crown.

Literally, the watch is designed to constantly report both day and time settings based on the RESSENCE orbital convex system, alleviating the need for hands [a mouthful I know!] In other words...the watch is designed to master time without the need for traditional hands.

Second, this watch is equipped with 53 jewels and 27 moving parts with a case-back winding

Lastly, just look at it! It's definitely a watch that will grab anyone's attention due to the materials.

However, we should be focusing on the price tag. Is it worth the $18,000? My answer is no. Yes, I understand the ostrich strap is from South Africa.

Yes, I understand the Cognac ostrich strap, titanium casing, double folding clasp, but unless it comes with life insurance, I do not think this watch is worth the price. But, hey you can be the judge!

Check it out here at Mr. Porter