Ja'Rae Womack: Sound of A Woman (Video)

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There's something extremely special about this record.

There's many new hip hop tracks that surface on the daily, but none of them have ever touched reality's surface like Ja'Rae Womack's"Sound of a Woman".

Covering the unfortunate circumstances most women go through on a daily basis within relationships, here's a record that enlightens the mind on the "other side of the house door". Some men never had the proper home training coming up in knowing how to honor and cherish a woman, throughout all ups and downs. Many of them channel their anger through verbal and physical abuse, which in turn can end up in a domestic turmoil.

According to Ja'Rae Womack, Sound of a Woman covers various situations in abusive relations:

"This song is dedicated to all those women who have endured emotional, mental and physical abuse. The cover for this song depicts the unconditional love between a mother and her child, no matter how scarred they may be.

This mother and child were physically abused and burned with acid by the husband and father. No matter what permanent damages may be inflicted by our fellow man, it proves that love and forgiveness conquer all. I dedicate my life and career to those who have been and are being abused. When will we all stop and pay attention to the "sound of a woman"...?"

It's not a surprise that our editors decided to pick this record for our Editor's Pick and choice, because this is a subject that needs more attention. Music is a powerful tool to evangelize, spread and educate the hearts and minds of the masses. Instead, our mainstream media chooses to glorify everything contrary to positivism, functional relations and core values.

We're proud to present this record to the HYPEFRESH® community, because it shows the long lasting after effects of abuse of any kind a woman endures. Let's put our thinking caps on while watching, and when that light bulb goes off in your head, leave your thoughts below in our comments section. What do you think about "Sound Of a Woman"?

Shot by: Marco Ruiz
Edited by: Marco Ruiz & YNIQ
Filmed at SoBe Swag Labs
Mixing Engineer: Vinny Venditto
Song produced by: FX, CB & YB