Jason Middlebrook's Wood Paintings Will Trip You Out

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Artist Jason Middlebrook creates a surreal piece of art consisting of intricate and unique designs and shapes on planks of wood.

“A friend of mine took me to a mill in Western Massachusetts in the summer of 2007,” Middlebrook told The Creators Project, “it was at the mill that I got inspired and started thinking about leaning planks of wood that could function as sculpture and painting. Leading up to that point, geology and the compression of time has always been the foundation of much of my work. To see the grain exposed and pronounced really helped inspire the series.”

Middlebrook talks about the process of selecting the appropriate wood pieces for his masterpieces.

"I select pieces of wood that have gone through a three-year kiln dried process,” the artist told The Creators Project, “The slabs of wood and their shape inspire the paintings.”

Not only is the collection inspiring, but they are very unique. Quite interesting to see how objects in nature can hold core attributes of art. Only takes a bit of paint to further enhance nature's artistic beauty.

Source: The Creators Project