Jhene Aiko is more than a maniac, as her latest single suggest. She is also an avid animal lover, proving this fact as PETA's 2016 "Sexiest Vegan." She celebrated by posing nude for the animal group's "Drop the Fur" campaign in which she shares inside facts about her love for animals and why we should stop wearing fur for inhumane, selfish reasons. 

In a recent interview, Jhene stated, “As human beings, we have the power to speak up for animals. They don’t speak our language, so I feel like it’s up to us to help them and give them a voice. Animals have feelings. They have souls. They have emotions. The way they’re killed for fur is very inhumane.”

Jhene's unwavering sentiment for animals is a direct result of her vegan lifestyle, solidifying her support of the cause. After falling ill, she decided to hit teh reset button and try the vegan lifestyle. “They’re electrocuted, beaten, drowned, skinned alive,” she says of animals who are used for fur. “Once you know that, how could you think wearing fur is cool? It’s not.”

Even if you are not a vegan, everyone should appreciate the message and continue to save our planet, including our wildlife. Check out the full interview above!