Johnny Ray Gill's -The Purge: 'The Morning After' Is a Hit Comedy

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Remember the film called "The Purge"?

Yeah... that horrific movie that gave U.S. citizens the right to commit crimes one night a year? Well just in time, "The Morning After" drops. Who woulda thought we'd see this ever come to fruition? Especially now, since the official sequel, The Purge 2: Anarchy just dropped as of recent.

This parody rendition of The Purge is f'n hilarious. Film director Johnny Ray Gill, puts together the unimaginable short, The Purge: The Morning After. Teamed up with Tony nominee, Da'Vine Joy Randolph (for Ghost on Broadway) & Daniel Rubiano (Co-writer), the trio shows an example of the dark humor within the hours shortly after the "purging" of society the night before.

No spoilers here, just watch and enjoy yourself. Please, leave any comments you may have in the box below!