Johnny Manziel's Dad Confirms That His Son Is A Druggie

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Very few athletes have endured as much 0ff-field turmoil as Johnny Manziel has over the past few years. From his experiences at Texas A&M, to his rocky beginning years in the NFL, Johnny Manziel has struggled to stay away from negative impediments.

The realities of Manziel's public hardships is apparent to anyone watching his actions, including the quarterback's very own father. Speaking to ESPN's Josina Anderson in startling honesty, Paul Manziel, the father of Johnny Manziel, admitted that his son is "a druggie."

"It's not a secret that he's a druggie," the elder Manziel said. "I don't know what to say other than my son is a druggie and he needs help. He just hasn't seeked it yet. Hopefully he doesn't die before he comes to his senses. That's about all you can say. I don't know what else to say. I hate to say it but I hope he goes to jail. I mean, that would be the best place for him. So we'll see."

Paul continued: "He has more money than me, so he can outrun me. Like I said, there are two things that are going to happen: He's either going to die, or he's going to figure out that he needs help. It's one of the two. But we've done everything that we can do. Life goes on. You can't just chase somebody that's not willing to listen. The story is not going to change. It's the same."

The offseason of 2016 has been especially rough for Manziel. In February, the Dallas Police Department opened a criminal investigation on Manziel regarding claims of domestic violence towards his ex-girlfriend. Two months later, a Dallas grand jury indicted him on misdemeanor assault charges. Just a few days before that jury decision, Nike ended relations with Manziel and the quarterback's well-known agent Drew Rosenhaus fired Manziel as a client despite only representing the quarterback for two months -- Rosenhaus' first termination of a client in his 27-years of working as an agent.

That news comes after a rough year on-the-field for Manziel during the 2015 NFL season with the Cleveland Browns that included him lying to his team about partying. And, in February of 2015, Manziel looked for help treating alcohol addiction by checking himself into a rehabilitation center.

This is also not the first time Paul Manziel has been outspoken about his son's habits. This February, Paul told the Dallas Morning News that Johnny needs assistance. "I truly believe if they can't get him help, he won't live to see his 24th birthday."

Johnny turns 24 in December.