Justin Bieber Says He's Never Had Sex to His Own Music

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Corden Bieber

In a recent interview with TV host James Corden, Justin Bieber was asked, what is considered to him a trying question, and maybe one that many have wondered. In this interview Justin was asked if he has ever made love to his own music.

"The Late Late Show" host added Bieber to the list of A1 celebrities to join him on his car pool adventures this week. "When I picked you up I didn't recognize you for a minute because you have your top on," says Corden prior to the two exchanging tops.

In a brief mid car ride conversation, Corden provided a hat trick of the same question asking "Do you listen to your own music when you make love?" Bieber genuinely replied, "No." As Corden asked the third time he simply asked "Never?" as Bieber once again replied, "No" once again.

Apart from the brief interrogation, both Corden and Bieber seemed to enjoy their car ride through LA together as they traded shirts, picked up food and amusingly yelled out the window at pedestrians. Bieber also sung his hit, breakthrough single, "Baby". Bieber also managed to solve a rubix cube in less than two minutes during their car ride.

Bieber has had his share of mischief throughout the years but with hopefully a permenant break from all of that, it seems as though apart from being more honest, Justin has became more smarter and correct with his answers. I must say it is refreshing to see the Bieber in a more mature and happier state.