Justine Siegal Becomes First Woman MLB Coach

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Justine Siegal Becomes first Woman MLB Coach

Justine Siegal has now joined the likes of Becky Hammon (NBA) and Jen Welter (NFL) as women coaching men at the highest professional ranks of a sport.

Siegal made history being named guest instructor for the 2015 Instructional League season for the MLB’s Oaklad A’s.

Siegal will assist the staff with player development for the A’s from October 4th through the 17th. Her duties specifically will include leading classroom discussions and presentations, she will also run drills and fielding work as well. Siegal holds a Ph.D. in sport and exercise psychology from Springfield College, she is also the president of Baseball For All, a nonprofit organization providing coaching and instruction to children.

Although not her first experience coaching professionally, it will be her first coaching stint with a Major League team, Siegel was a first base coach for the Brockton Rox minor league team in 2009 and has thrown batting practice for several Major league teams as well.