Kanye West Tweets Apology to Michael Jordan For Involving Him In Nike Beef

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Kanye West keeps the world on their toes when it comes to guessing what is coming out his mouth next. He speaks his mind and deals with the backlash as it comes, as he did with Nike.

Kanye has expressed his issues with Nike on other occasions, but once he released his song “Facts” in the beginning of the 2016, he made his feelings clear to all his listeners. It was public Kanye would not be retuning to Nike. With him working with Adidas he feels he gets more creative freedom and as he described in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres as a breath of fresh air.

Kanye however felt the need to make clear whom his tension was and was not towards. February 9, Kanye sent out a tweet apologizing to Michael Jordan, and explaining that his anger was never towards him, but the CEO of Nike Mark Parker. Kanye put emphasis on his love and respect for the great MJ, but as far as Parker, no remorse was delivered.