Kanye's YEEZY SEASON 2: "Slave Clothes or Nah?"

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After checking out the recap to the YEEZY Season 2, via HYPEBEAST, it was very apparent that something seemed oddly familiar. A big white room, slowly being filled with lifeless models, each forfeiting all emotion, staring in a deep gaze of trance. Each and every last one of them styled in some sort of "homeless" attire that just looks bland and "blah". There's really no style to it, with the exception of the Yeezy Boost 750/350's gracing the feet of just a few models. And to make things even more bizarre - we've never seen anyone rock Ye's clothes. At least not regular street goers here in Philadelphia or New York.

So the big question we have is simple. "What's the big deal about it ?"

No hate here - just my opinion in questionable format. We all know Ye' is super artistic in many ways, but honestly - I just don't see it here in this collection. And to be frank, even if he had three more seasons of YEEZY, I'm pretty sure there would be a strong similarity every collection.

What I dislike most about the YEEZY SEASON 2 is the promotion of poverty through influence. Instead of creating a line that makes the buyers look presentably dapper or distinguished, his design works in conjunction of appearing impoverished, stranded and hopeless. Is it just me, or does this look like something you'd ever want to wear on a date? Not unless you're not interested in who you're dating and plan on scaring them off in "slavery" attire.

Check out the pics below, and leave those thoughts below. Is it just me, or are these outfits "Depressing"?