Kehlani's Official Twitter Account Vanishes From The Web?

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Today was a big day for the rising music Phenom, Kehlani.

For starters, HYPEFRESH® reported breaking news that PartyNextDoor and Kehlani are officially in an active relationship, with PND clearing all rumors with a new record drop.

Next, we dropped exclusive tour photos and video from the singer/rappers journey on tour, visiting major cities like Philadelphia, PA, Washington D.C. and New York, NY. 

But when we went to Twitter to pull source quotes and updates from Kehlani's official account - it was no where to be found. Don't believe us, try it for yourself. You'll be directed to a fan page, which then points to her official account. The screen below is what you'll see next.

 Kehlani. Where are you?

Kehlani. Where are you?

Wait, what? 

Where did it go? Why is it not there? Is it a glitch on Twitter? Any other day, it would be right where it normally is, pumping an amazing feed to her fans. However, Kehlani's Verified Twitter account is gone. Poof, vamoosh. Gone.

As there has been no reports as of yet leading to the disappearance of her social media account on Twitter, many can speculate their own reasons. HYPEFRESH® believes there is something being cooked up in the background for the fans.

And the plot thickens. Keep it locked to HYPEFRESH® for more updates on this topic. And don't forget to leave those thoughts below.