Watch Ken Block Shred The Streets of Dubai

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In almost an effortless fashion, Professional Stunt Driver Ken Block shreds the streets of Dubai for his latest installment in the GYMKHANA Eight. His car of choice? The 650 HP AWD Ford Fiesta RX3.

Starting off in the middle of a desert, Block shoots straight into the luxurious city showcasing off a variety of death-defying stunts. From ramming through sand hills, drifting sharp turns at high-speeds, drift-spiraling around cars, trucks, planes... You name it, Ken Block did it.

And at the end of it all, stands on the roof of his car with his hands up. Just imagine what he's thinking in those final moments.

Check it out for yourself below. You may want to get the popcorn, as this 9 minute marvel is worth every second in it's passing.


Source:Toyo Tires