He better work on that jumper first.

Kendrick Lamar recently challenged President Barack Obama to a game of basketball in an exclusive interview with Complex during Art Basel in Miami. Inquiring minds wanted to know Kendrick's ideas for Obama's post presidency activities. The rapper responded, “I think he’s going to be in the community still, heavy. He may not be POTUS, but he will be there and be effective inside the urban community and communities around the world.”


He also mentioned that he believed President Obama would be heavy on the court, "playing a little basketball. He gotta work on his jump shot a little bit [...] I’ve been trying to bring him out, that’s why I’m throwing shots at him right now. I want him to come to Gonzalez Park, Enterprise Park in Compton.”

Hmmm sounds intriguing. If we could catch even a glimpse of President Obama in Compton, that would be epic. Until that day comes, watch the full interview here