Kevin Hart’s House Robbed of $500K Worth of Jewelry and Clothes

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The residence of Kevin Hart was burglarized of $500 K worth of clothes and jewelry upon returning back home after a workout session. Hart was training with with Miami Dolphin Ndamukong Suh and famed personal trainer Ron Everline to promote his new sneaker line.

According to Officer Mike Lopez of LAPD:

"We received a call of a burglary investigation at one o'clock yesterday, on the thirteenth," he said. "We responded to the 3800 block of Winford Avenue in Tarzana, California. A burglary investigation was conducted. About half a million dollars of Mr. Hart's belongings were taken during the burglary. The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating, and we will try and obtain any video footage if there's any available."

Suspicions from Police believe a new ring of burglaries have become a trend in the area as Kanye West's home recently faced a similar situation.

No suspects were caught as of yet.