Keyon Harrold - 'Her Beauty Through My Eyes"

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Keyon Harrold is taking music into his own hands. He's not worried about crossing over or even more specific - crossing genre boundaries.

His latest instrumental release "Her Beauty Through My Eyes" is absolutely spectacular, and sets the bar very high for those in the crossover production world. Welcome to a musical world that has no rules, just the expectancy of pure originality and creativity.

"I'm doing what worked back in the day, where Jazz musicians would improv over already existing records." He casually pauses.. "The only difference with my rendition of this method is that it's purely my material all the way through."


Taking into consideration that Harrold is a GRAMMY® award winning producer/musician, it makes sense as to why he's so confident in being atypical musically. Yet again, HYPEFRESH® steps into the footsteps of pure greatness. Just when you thought you seen/heard it all, the best has yet to drop.

Check out the record above. No spoilers here, as we will allow you to explore for yourself the musical journey created by Sir Harrold. A beautiful blend indeed, which in turn showcases the elegant depiction of how statuesque her vanity is.

Who, you may ask? The woman Harrold is looking at. Duh.