Kid Cudi and Jeremy Piven On The Cover of Complex

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Complex news recently sat down with hip-hop artist, Kid Cudi and veteran entertainer Jeremy Piven on the set of the HBO series Entourage.

The two coming from completely different worlds and facing a significant age difference insinuate an odd duo. However, the age difference has bonded the two as a mentor and student on and off the camera.

Joe La Puma Sat down with the two to dissect the mind of the two.

The first day Cudi was on set, Piven quickly put him a creative state of mind after yelling at his character in a believable manner.

"My character is [in a scene] interrupting a big meeting. Jeremy’s like: “How DARE YOU fucking WALK IN this meeting?!” He could bite your head off no matter what the fuck he’s telling you, on the first day. [Laughs.]" (Via Complex)

The two were also asked about the differences between artistry back in Piven's time of prime and Kid Cudi's reign in today's world. The two both agreed that artist in this generation lack patience and integrity as the focus more on blowing up than perfecting their craft.

"It took me a long time for my career to come to fruition. I don’t know if there’s a lot of patience anymore. I think that could serve a lot of people." says Piven with Cudi following up with his own opinion.

"Nowadays, anyone can make some shit in their room. It’s easy to make shit. You don’t even need a keyboard now" he says.

"Yeah. But for me, it works. Like, yes, keep doing all the shit you guys are doing, because all I’m going to do is the right thing, and I’m going to end up looking like the genius. Just doing what I’m supposed to do. Fucking making music."

Even though the two come from different generations of entertainment and even culture, they share the same ethics and beliefs to be the best.