"King" James? or Just - Lebron James?

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It's almost like watching a super hero movie when Lebron James is victorious. Obviously, the opposing teams always are the heroes, and LBJ is the evil, monster villain.

It seems to have shifted to this ever since 2010 when James decided to leave Cleveland, (after an NBA Finals loss to the San Antonio Spurs). This marked one the greatest NBA treason crimes in the history of the sport, due to LBJ's upcoming in Akron, Ohio.

 The Love.

The Love.

Cleveland loved their King (back then), helping turn a mediocre basketball squad into a highly considered champion-worthy team. But when KLBJ decided to dethrone himself, and migrate his greatness to the warm, sunny beaches of Miami, Cleveland roared, like a lion in anger. We all remember what happened, as the city went up in smoke from burning 23 James Jerseys in what seemed to be every persons front and backyard. His banners and posters amongst the city were vandalized, and even burned with fire. Children, expressed their angst. Teenagers dismissed his name. Adults banned him from ever again stepping foot in the city. Yeah, it was that serious.

This is when King James turned into an evil, crowned under-lord, hated by fans of the sport. His greatness then transformed into tyranny. His gold and maroon Cleveland jersey then turned black, red and orange. He officially became a contributor to Miami's Heat, no pun intended.

Of course, he didn't care about his fans in Cleveland. He was happy, stating his desire to win an NBA title meant going where he could be victorious. Playing alongside NBA greats such as the likes of Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh, this created the infamous big three everyone knew (and despised) between both NBA Final championships (2012-2013).

He was now on top, getting revenge on the San Antonio Spurs, who trumped him in Cleveland in the 2010 NBA Finals. He smacked his hometown in Cleveland every time the Heat went up against them in the regular season. The fans of the Cavaliers all hissed at him like snakes in the jungle when he did anything spectacular on their home floor. They even physically threw whatever they could find at him when the games were over. Soda cups, jerseys, empty beer cans, heck - filled beer cans, because of his treason.

Oh, and lets not forget any fans of KLBJ. They were considered "bandwagon riders" among those who remained loyal to their favorite teams. I remember hearing someone say "I'm not a fan of the Heat, just a supporter of Lebron." So when he won, they won. I asked in rebuttal, "Wait a minute, weren't you just in a Cleveland jersey a year back? Why the Heat jersey now?" Of course, no straight answer. KLBJ's trading tactics caused the treason crimes of millions of his followers. "Jump ship" is what we call it.


But the reign of villians never prevail for long. The Spurs came back with a vengeance, seeking redemption for their previous championship loss in 2012, and ripped the title from the hands of Miami's big three in 2014. Ironically, James was in his Free Agent season (that year) already playing for close to 5 years with Miami. Yeah, he could've stayed. But he chose to return back to his hometown back in Cleveland.

Call it a comeback? Nope, more like defeat. The NBA's greatest villain crawled back to the team he once called home. After a few months in the off season of skepticism, even resistance of team players (including Kyrie Irving, the new King in Cleveland) James was accepted back, but not with open arms. Cleveland needed a championship. All eyes were on Lebron.

And to say the least, what we didn't expect, happened.

 The Trio.

The Trio.

Lebron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, now became the heroic new big three in the league. Ending their 2015 season at 53-29, entering the NBA Playoffs and dominating their opponents towards the NBA Finals against the West's Golden State Warriors. In that instance, the dethroned Lebron James, now had a shot at redemption with the city of Cleveland. It was win, or be scorned. This wasn't new to Lebron, having been to the NBA finals 6 times, winning only twice, and feeling the flames of the media and fans over the course of previous years.

And what was the outcome? Another loss.

Lebron's trio folded due to injuries (Irving out due to a knee fracture and Love to a Left shoulder boo-boo) Lebron being left without any help in his time of need. Golden State cruised past the Cavs, winning the 2015 NBA Finals 4-2, in Cleveland.

What now? Is Lebron James still loved by his city, that heinously disowned him? Will the Trio heal in enough time to be completely healthy for the 2016 season? Even worse, will the Cavs ever make it back to the championship? With the rise of other underdog teams on both coasts, it's looking slim for their chances.

So does the world still crown Lebron as King? Or should we just call him by his name? What has he done that's "King" worthy of being mentioned? 6 NBA Finals appearances, 2 wins - 4 losses. Yeah, he scored a lot of points, and won MVP 4 times (2008, 2009, 2011, 2012) But what really matters when your King? Championships. Bill Russell, 11 NBA championships - King. Michael Jordan, 6 NBA Championships - King. Heck, even Robert Horry - 7 NBA championships - King. Lebron? Well, you do the math.

I think it's safe to say number 23 of the Cavs is a bit overrated. For now, lets just call him Lebron James. What do you think? Are we giving Lebron too much credit calling him King, when he hasn't fully proved why we should call him by that title? Talk to me guys. Comment below in our Disqus section.

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