LA Clippers Star Free Agent DeAndre Jordan Is Being Recruited By Kobe and... Jamie Foxx?

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The Los Angeles Times' Broderick Turner reported today what many Los Angeles Clippers fans have feared: star center DeAndre Jordan is a a free agent wanted by many of the NBA's most storied franchises.

With the free agency period beginning at 9 PDT Tuesday night, the 26-year-old two-way beast has meetings on Wednesday lined up with the Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Lakers, and finally, the New York Knicks .

Jordan's current team of the Clippers will get the last meeting, which will feature a special presentation from Clippers CEO Steve Ballmer and head coach Doc Rivers.

What may surprise people, however, is how the non-front office people are taking on the task of recruiting DeAndre Jordan.

Dallas forward Chandler Parsons has been seen with Jordan. New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony called Jordan to make his best Big Apples pitch.

Even stoic, future NBA Hall of Famer (and Los Angeles Laker) personally called DeAndre to ask him to come to play for the Lakers.

And in a more Hollywood way, Oscar Award winner, singer, and comedian Jamie Foxx joined Jordan and his Coach Doc Rivers for dinner. If this is any indication, Jordan's free agency decision will only prove more entertaining as the NBA off season moves on.

(Source: Los Angeles Times)