LaLa Lets DJ Khaled Wear Carmelo Anthony’s 3 Olympic Gold Medals on Snapchat

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Just when things couldn't get any better for Mr. "I got the keys", DJ Khaled gets the rare privilege to sport three olympic gold medals on his neck - courtesy of Lala Anthony. Already having a neck draped in gold chains, to see the US Olympic gold carefully decorated over Khaled's many pendants is a key in itself.

The US Olympic Mens Basketball team went on to defeat Serbia by a whopping 30 points this past Sunday, claiming the number one spot in the international sport. Carmelo Anthony, (husband to Lala Anthony) broke records becoming the leading single scorer in Olympic history. He's also the first basketball player to ever to appear in 3 consecutive Olympic games. With DJ Khaled sporting these medals, he's also wearing "historic" medals in addition.

Having one of the best albums we've seen this year in 2016, DJ Khaled deserves this crowning. This man doesn't say he has the 'keys' just to say it. Check out his snapchat footage below.