'Leopard Vision' Delivers a Powerful Message All Should Watch

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Christopher Hudson. Better known globally as the "The Forerunner"has done the unthinkable, in which no man has ever set forth to accomplish, publicly and most importantly - personally. His newest motion picture/documentary 'Leopard Vision', reveals the truth behind the biggest hidden agenda in the history of humanity's existence, which is the decoding of the biblical prophesy of Revelation in today's modern times.

And this isn't an 'opinionated ' documentary with assumptions conjured forth by his "feelings" or "emotions". Christopher Hudson uses historical facts proven to be correct in verification of his thesis, that Pope Francis, (yes, the Pope) is the most dangerous man on the planet in existence.

By also incorporating Biblical Doctrine and living scripture to confirm this to be evident and true, after watching this film, prepare your mind to be blown out the skull it once rested in.

When asked what his motivation was in the revealing of this film, The Forerunner simply responded in two sentences that stole our attention completely.

"When you KNOW God is impressing you to do something....you do it. It's a responsibility. And, right now, If people don't know the truth about what is getting ready to happen in the USA, and how dangerous the Pope really is, the results will be fatal."

 Attention To Details.

Attention To Details.

 Detailed Analysis.

Detailed Analysis.

In a nutshell, this film is nothing short of exceptional. There really isn't any complaints on our end, and we doubt you'll have too many either.

The only pitfall with this documentary is that it's foundation is grounded in the beliefs of Christianity, which may clash in terms of the various 'beliefs in faith' varying from person to person. However, even if you're not a Christian, you'll still get a ton of history lessons on the establishment of early Rome and the heavy influence of the Roman Catholic church way back then.

Courtesy of The Forerunner himself, he has granted us the permission to exclusively stream this controversial film right here on HYPEFRESH® through his YouTube channel. Grab some popcorn, get the family or loved ones, and kick back. Be prepared to be amazed with the details of Revelation, in a contemporary fashion through the facets of history. One click away, watch it above, and feel free to leave those thoughts below in our comments section.


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