Lil Dicky Takes Awesome, Nontraditional Hip-Hop Route with 'Professional Rapper'

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Lil Dicky develops an untraditional, funny rap style that oddly works for him in Professional Rapper.

Since the creation of hip-hop/rap, the best artists have always had a knack for intricately weaving storylines into their music, almost effortlessly too. So, although Lil Dicky doesn't have the sound of your typical rapper, he shows this ability off very well in his latest project.

In Professional Rapper, Lil Dicky tells unique stories, but not just any stories, ones that aren't far-fetched. He spits mundane stories that are so relatable to everyone from college/frat boys to your average joe.

This is heard in "Classic Male Pregame," a song that describes the typical male preparation process for a night out, that occasionally, causes plans to change.

"Off work, 'bout to get trashed/ Me and my crew all about to get ass/ Sam coming through with a bottle of the Cap/ Me and Dean 'bout to tube, Mark taking out the trash/ Clean up my room, bitches 'bout to peep that/ Peeing, getting groomed, bitches 'bout to eat that/ Dean shave my neck, thanks, man, I need that"

"Lemme Freak," on the other hand, is an hilariously, experimental twist on typical rapper's "love/let's have sex" songs. Once again, it isn't anything far out there like "girl let me take you home from the club"'s actually a pretty average time.

My favorite on the project is "Professional Rapper," an interesting twist on an artist's encounter with a record label executive. Snoop Dogg isn't convinced that Lil Dicky's style is favorable but, he is able to change Snoop's mind with his tongue-tied, humorous verses. It's pretty amazing how two different styled rappers mesh so well together.

Lastly, "White Crime" talks about the "hard crimes" that Lil Dicky has done but...they really aren't intense crimes. In the song, he adds an opposing, funny, altered twist on stereotypical attributes that are usually associated with hip-hop, like rappers being "hard or gangsters."

I could go on with all of the tracks in the album but, I recommend you listen to it yourself!