Lisa Raye Was A "Boss" And Got Stacey Dash Fired From Single Ladies

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Lisa Raye is always known for her portrayals on the screen, but these past couple of years she took her skills behind the scenes with directing and producing.

Raye did an interview with Centric TV's show "Being," which talks to different prominent black celebrities about their lives; past, present, and future.

Before, Raye and Dash got into an argument, but not because of something personal, it was over a line being said. The story broke in 2012 that both actresses got into a fight, but no details ever emerged.

Lisa said it was not a fight, but did explain on the show what happened and how she had to tell Dash "If you don't get your motherf**king finger out my face."

Raye explained what happened, and that she had to let Dash know that there was a replacement to take her spot.

“Yes, there was a disagreement over a scene. And it really wasn’t with me. It was with the director. I think it was about 2 or 3 a.m., and we’d been shooting all damn day. Stacey tried to argue with the director about a line. And I’m like: ‘Girl, if you don’t say what the director wants you to say.’ It wasn’t that serious at first, but it went there.”