LSU, Southern Football Players Travin Dural and Randall Menard Save Woman From Overturned Car

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travin dural saves woman from overturned car

LSU's Travin Dural had a more intense experience than just heading to a typical football preseason camp.

A woman had served her car and landed upside down in a waterless ditch with both front car doors jammed. The driver's side door was crushed against the wall of the 6-foot-deep trench, reports The Advocate.

"She was hanging upside down from the driver’s seat, incapable of reaching or opening the back doors, said Michael McQuade, a St. Martin Sheriff deputy who was one of the first on the scene."

Dural and his cousin, Southern receiver Randall Menard, used their strength to pry the rear passenger door open to pull the woman to safety.

“It was a good thing we turned around. I’m glad we got a chance to help this lady out,” Dural said. “There were no cars on the street. I don’t know when the next time somebody was going to come by.”

“It’s something you normally don’t see a young guy his age do,” McQuade said of Dural. “Normal people would ride by and call. They wouldn’t go above and beyond and stop and check. They actually got the person out of the vehicle.”

Source: The Advocate