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Recently here at HYPEFRESH®, we got the opportunity to chat with a talented, rising Philadelphia Urban Pop recording artist (Woot, Woot! *Clapping*… Sorry guys, we got a lil’ carried away. We’re from Phila too.)

Lucy Ludic drop kicked us in the gut with her polished style and sharp, crisp vocals. Surprisingly, we haven’t heard of her until one snowy afternoon, sipping Starbucks coffee in the office, looking for some new music to listen to.

But thankfully we did discover her! And believe it or not, every boy in the neighborhood has a crush! Every man Is memorized by her angelic vocal softness. The Girls are Jealous… And here at HYPEFRESH®, we’re amazed at her wonderful personality.


Take a quick second to explain your backstory, who you are &, what you do professionally.

Howdy! My name is LuCy Ludic! I’m a Singer/Songwriter/Performer and part time Unicorn born and raised in West Philadelphia!!! When I was 7, I loved to sing and perform so I decided that I would be an artist. I stuck to that decision through naysayers, terrible living conditions, tragedy in my family, and financial woes… and that would be the short version lol.


We have to ask after seeing the Lorde x B.I.G. cover video… What’s up with the Unicorn suit? It’s creatively catchy seeing a cover of Lorde’s ‘Royals’ being perfectly performed in a Mythical horse outfit! Lol Does the suit symbolize anything?

Yay!!! That’s the response I wanted!!! One day, I literally decided that I would do covers in a Unicorn onesie and that was that. It’s not often that you find a Unicorn prancing around in the “Real World”…. definitely not in the hood. The video was Super Duper fun to shoot and I was extremely hot lol! To me the unicorn symbolizes Fantasy, Imagination, Dreams, and Beauty… People often forget AND let go of their TRUE dreams as they grow older. I NEVER DID!

What are your goals/purpose as a recording artist coming up in this music industry? You’re highly talented & influential…

My purpose in life PERIOD is to inspire and encourage people to be their best selves no matter their circumstances. I have the opportunity to inspire others while doing what I LOVE and being the best ME that I can be. Hopefully that alone influences others to stick to what THEY LOVE. I’m such a care bear and I just want everyone to live happily ever after….

We love your sound, and style.. It’s obviously refreshing to the ear of those searching for a new tune to groove to… Who influences your style? Any role models/idols play a part?

My style?! Hmmmm… well my clothing style in a nutshell would be “The Three Stooges” meets “I Dream of Jeannie”! Musically, there are so many artists that inspire me! Aaliyah, Salt N Pepa, Pink, Gwen Stefani, M.I.A, Prince, Missy Elliot, Mariah Carey, and Cee Lo Green to name a few.


Lastly, explain your recording process. How often do you practice? As well as record new material?

I LOVE recording in my home studio… PJ’s and all. My producers and I work together to create the musical sounds I like in a record. Once I have tracks that move me I begin the writing process; creating melodies that feel good, then adding lyrics that tell pieces of my story from MY view point. I tend to push myself till its time to pass out in the next room. There’s always something to get better at on a daily basis so practice is pretty much an around the clock type of thing.

I’m always working on new material. It’s pretty exciting to create something that didn’t exist before :) Super excited about what I’ll be releasing …. more videos for my cover series, original music, original videos, performances…. Tons of really exciting things coming up to look out for. Stay tuned via!!!

Thanks soOo much for your time :)

 No… Thank You!!! We’re very thankful for your time!


Follow Lucy on Twitter: @lucyludic

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