MAC Meets Rising Pop Artists

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MAC Cosmetics is known for collaborating with some of the largest names in the music industry such as Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Mariah Carey. On March 17th, the makeup company will launch Future Forward, a campaign that focuses on come up artists rather than established superstars. The four beautiful women that will be the face of this campaign are Tinashe, Dej Loaf, Halsey, and Jilian Hervey of Lion Babe. This will be the first of an ongoing series of collaborations and campaigns aimed at promoting young, cutting edge artists that are revamping the music industry.

“It feels like a great thing to be able to support artists who are breaking through but aren’t necessarily at the top top, to push them forward,” Senior Vice President and Creative Director James Gager told Billboard of the collaboration. “We’ve always done that sort of thing with fashion designers, and to me, it’s most interesting to introduce these artists, as well as our MAC fans, to new people.”

The executives at MAC Cosmetics expressed the collective effort between the team and the artists in order to develop the product, which they would represent. Since each of the artists are very different in terms of personality and music perception, they wanted their product to reflect so. The artists were matched with the product they felt the most connected to and would effectively portray their look.


The first item that will be released on March 17th is Tinashe’s eye shadow “Times Nine Palette”, which will be sold for $32. The names of the shades in the palette derive from her track names such as “All Hands On Deck.” Tinashe tells Billboard, “I was really intrigued by the chance to bring my creative vision to this. I got to design the packaging, pick out the colors and create something that I felt like I would use."


Hasley’s product is a gunmetal matte lipstick that will be available on March 31st for $17. They decided that this would be the perfect product for Hasley’s rare character and rebellious attitude. “Specifically this lipstick is pretty akin to what it means to be Halsey. It's pretty unique, and I'm known for changing my hair and style all the time. Not being trapped in one predictable look. I try to carry myself like there's nothing too crazy for me to wear as long as I carry myself with the confidence to wear it. I hope people can feel the same way about the lipstick,” She tells Billboard.


Next, to hit the market is Dej Loaf’s rosy-nude lipglass on April 14th for $15. As someone who was never fond of makeup, Dej Loaf now understands how makeup enhances beauty and she has a greater appreciation for it. She says that she is grateful for this opportunity and hopes it leads to more collaborations because she would like to get into other creative aspects besides just music.


The Future Forward campaign will conclude on April 28th with Jilian Hervey’s metallic gold Liquidlast Liner for $21. Hervey knew that her product would be an eyeliner and she felt gold would be the best color because it was daring and it compliments her skin tone. The best part about the gold Liquidlast Liner is it can be used as a body bronzer as well. She says it is key to have a product that you can use in more than one way. So stay tuned as MAC Cosmetics takes us on a journey of genius collaborations between game-changing music artists and quality makeup.