Man Dressed Up As Apple Employee, Steals 19 iPhones

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A thief walked into Apple with an Apple imprinted t-shirt logo (similar to employees) and stole 19 iPhones. The value of this heist is equivalent to $16,130 USD. He headed straight into the electronics repair room unnoticed, due to his disguise.

Being partnered with one other accomplice, he handed off the merchandise to his partner in crime as they made off on the goods.

According to DNA Info:

Police said the thief “dressed similarly” to store employees — who usually wear blue T-shirts imprinted with an Apple logo — and walked right into an electronics repair room at about 5:30 p.m. on June 1.

The man grabbed 19 iPhones from a drawer inside the room, worth a total of $16,130, then handed them over to another thief. That man hid the phones under his shirt, and the pair walked out of the store.

Police were still investigating the incident.

Our question is, how did the manager not peep if he was doing his job correctly? Where was the security?