Man tries killing his wife multiple times, According to Police

Karam is a bit*h and death is her sister
Zuliesuivie Ball
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Karam is a bit*h and death is her sister

As SXSW goes on in Austin, Houston is being hit with matrimonial suicide. According to police, a man attempted to kill his wife multiple times yesterday.

First by trying to kill them both in a truck by driving it into a barrier and then when that attempt failed, he tried shooting her with a shotgun. Again, the attempt failed as he was only able to piece her arm with the gun. Fortunately, she was able to get medical help.

After his wife escaped death twice, karma came full circle for him once. According to police, the husband then decided to shoot himself.

While this is a both a tragic and disturbing series of events, it just goes to show that spouse or not, mysteries in marriages are real, but karma is even realer. The story was about man unsuccessfully tried to kill his wife twice, but at the end of it, he was the one who ended up dead.