Marvel's 'Spider-Man' Cast List Appears To Have Been Leaked (Photo)

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Last month Marvel Studios announced Tom Holland as the new Peter Parker/Spider-Man.

He will make his first appearance in Captain America's Civil War. We will expect to see the new Spider-Man film series in 2017 but until then, it has appeared that the rest of the cast list may have been leaked, reported Latino Review.

If this photo is accurate and this is the real cast list...well this will be one good movie.

Peter Parker/Spider-Man: Tom Holland

The Vulture: Billy Zane

Scorpion: Json Biggs

Iron Man: Robert Downey Jr.

Mary Jane Watson: Rachel G. Fox

Robbie Roberton: Forest Whitaker

Flash Thompson: Jacob Latimore.

For the rest of the cast view the photo below:

spiderman cast list