Meek Mill was a good battle rapper... Where'd his bars go?

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I was born and raised, Philadelphia PA.

If you grew up in the same era that I did in Hip Hop, being from Philly (late 90's - mid 2000's) you would instantly know that Meek Mill, (formally Meek "Millz") got his start as a battle rapper, based out of the heart of North Philadelphia. After hearing his last two biggest battles vs Cassidy & Drake, I'm not sure where his roots went. Even worse - his bars.

Though he wasn't the best thing rocking on a Young Bob Headshots DVD or Mixtape way back then, he was just okay, spitting bars about the streets and the drug game. I remember my first encounter with Meek "Millz" in a local McDonalds off of 22nd and Lehigh in Philly. He was pushing his mix-tape he'd just finished recording to local patrons. Back then, I was in my Sophomore year in High School, and was heavy into battle rap. Though I didn't buy one, I knew I would hear something new from him on a DVD somewhere.


Honestly, the best battle rapper in our era was without question - Cassidy. He was the only cat out of Philadelphia who could bury anyone who came in his direction for lyrical warfare. Meek Millz knew Cassidy was his best opportunity in learning how to master his bars, so he shadowed and mentored under him. This wasn't a secret, as plenty of previous footage show this clearly.

Eventually, Meek Millz became a marksman at pinpointed bars, demolishing all competition. His energetic flow and brash assertiveness made him ferocious in rap battles, killing every challenger he faced. In other words, he went on a "hot streak" everyone paid attention to. So much so, he became the next up from Philly's battle rap scene, getting major attention from everyone. Heck, he even got a deal with T.I. for Grand Hustle because of it.  Though it didn't last long (due to his inability to create hit records) he was still respected in Lou of it occurring that way.

However, he bounced back, signed to MMG (Maybach Music Group) with Rick Ross and from there, his career took flight.

Looking back at his massive success as battle rapper turned Professional recording artist, there are a few things that confuse those who knew Meek before all the money, Nicki Minaj, Rolex's and major record deals.


We all know about his recent bout with his mentor Cassidy, which didnt end up in good standings for Meek, as the streets instantly picked The Hustla for his flawless bars and endless truths. Most people wrote this battle off, because Meek Mill had no chance to beat the man who taught him how to battle rap better. You win some... and lose some... Right?


But what transpired as of recently? Is completely un-explainable. 

Meek Mill takes to Twitter and disses one of the most influential recording artists in this current generation of Hip Hop over allegations. Yes, we're talking about Champagne Papi - Drizzy Drake. As terrible of a move this was, he exposed to social media that Drake had songwriters who "wrote for him" and expressed his disgust toward this. Wait a minute... What? The mainstream music industry is over saturated with songwriters. Why does this come by surprise to Meek Mill, when he's been in the industry long enough to recognize this?

And of course, drum roll please..... Meek Mill got destroyed in the lyrical flurries thrown by the Six God. There was no stopping this attack, as his "twitter fingers" got him in serious trouble with Drake, who dropped "Charged Up" and "Back to Back", lyrically blowing Meek's career into the dust. Even worse, the world destroyed Meek Mill on social media. Professional athletes, celebrities, rappers, fans... everyone.

But the question still remains. Why?

How could a seasoned battle rap artist take an L so terribly, when this is his rooted talent? Wouldn't Meek Mill feel more comfortable in this situation, excelling over the competition because of this? It just doesn't make any damn sense to those who remember Meek Millz.

If there's any hope left for Meek to somewhat defend himself against the heat, it would be to bring back his 16 year old mindset and go in like he used to. But until then, his career has come to an end, according to Wikipedia.

What are your thoughts?