Meet The 12-Year-Old Who Runs The Colorado Trump Campaign Office

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Just when we thought that the election was at its peak in terms of ridiculousness, we are wrong once again. According to UPROXX, a Trump Colorado campaign office is literally being run by 12-year-old Weston Imer.

Donald Trump must be inspiring the younger generation and it seems as though they are looking to help out. Dubbed one of the youngest people to 'run' a campaign office for the presidential election, Weston proves that age is truly nothing but a number. A typical day in his shoes is that of any field office coordinator. He makes phone calls to supporters, instructs volunteers on daily tasks and he plays a vital role in the office's grand opening.

Although his mother is the real coordinator, she believes in an unorthodox method of fostering entrepreneurial tactics and qualities in her son, Weston. She stated, 'parents have the responsibility to educate their kids." And it seems as though her ideology aligns with the 'sink or swim' tactic. From this experience, Weston wishes to run for the 2040 presidential election. By then, he will be of age (35 years old) and if all goes as promised, he will be joined by Trump's son Barron to occupy the vice president role. But until then, Weston has his hands full with Trump being behind in polls. Colorado is a swing state that Trump could benefit from in this election. So maybe the 12-year-old-go-getter can do it.

But do you trust a 12-year-old to run a field office? Please comment below and check out his interview with KDVR-Denver above.