'Meet the Spartans': How A Gay Rugby Team Defies Rugby's Macho Stereotypes

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Meet the Spartans.

The Spartans is a rugby team that represents Manchester's gay village. In this film, viewers are able to see all sides of the team from their life, to recruitment and even to Manchester pride parade.

Unlike other rugby teams, they do not have a junior to senior system, so they literally have to go out and recruit players. What makes this film interesting is that it showcases different personalities and most of all deters people from the notion that you have to fit the macho rugby stereotype to play the sport.

Robbie Stone: “You see people coming out of their shell at the club, especially if you’ve helped recruit them or you remember them joining. I remember a few guys coming last year and you see them now, totally different people, really confident. I think that’s the nature of the club, it’s sort of a family.”

This series is part of a rugby campaign by Rugby Football Union. You can watch the film and other videos in the series here.