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Megan Hill's Tweet Makes A Valid Point on Ayesha Curry

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In a day and age where promiscuity and sexuality reigns 'King' - in what seems to be the 'standard' of modern day times, Twitter user Megan hill (@meganhill__) makes a legitimate point about Ayesha Curry's stance on today's fashion trends. And sad to say it, damned if you do - or don't dress scandalously clad in public nowadays.

There was once a time where the ideal image was to be 'properly' clothed, due to the generalized perception of American citizens (a few decades prior) Flash forward to modern times? A perfect 180 degree turn has been made since then. And we're pretty sure everyone's seen some teenaged-girl dressed up like a bar waitress somewhere amongst the public. Maybe even droves of them.

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And the problem? It's accepted by the general public. There's no accountability taken by the Parents either, because some think it's okay. And these same teenaged girls grow up to become the same women we see underdressed, if not 'naked' roaming the streets on the daily.

What ever happened to "keeping the good stuff covered up for the one who matters?"

We get it, fashion is a form of human expression. But the real question is simply put - when does expression become inappropriate? Classy or Trashy? Decisions...

Megan, your tweet may simply be the answer. It doesn't look like anytime soon.