Mein Gott: The Untold History of Adolf Hitler Posing For Highly Compromising Photos

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hitler in embarrassing photo

One of world history's biggest & most nefarious villains had a passion for genocide... And posing for odd pictures, too.

Few people in the history of the world have drawn the ire of Nazi Germany's patriarch Adolf Hitler. Not only responsible for unspeakable acts of ethnic cleansing and the destruction of a great part of Europe; recently emerging photos show the callous and mean Hitler as...A man who also enjoyed posing in knee-high socks? As absurd as it may seem, the answer is yes. The upcoming British war history book The Rise of Hitler sheds light on this and other never-before information on the embattled and reviled German dictator.

First uncovered by a British soldier 70 years ago, the photos were taken by Hitler's personal photographer Heinrich Hoffman for Hitler's own use. Shots of Hitler relaxing in a deckchair in a meadow and the dictator in a pseudo-serious pose on a veranda are as funny as they are sickening. Interestingly enough, just like many things done by Hitler, the photo shoot was a highly-calculated act. According to translator Trevor Salisbury, "'[The photos] attempted to present him as a peace-loving man who dearly loved children and was kind to all. As we all know the truth was completely different.'"

Perhaps more disturbing is the thought that these photos were uncovered from an extremely rare Germane fanzine devoted to Adolf Hitler. A tattered copy of the fanzine was recovered from a destroyed Germane house after World War II by a British soldier, and if the pictures of The Furher were not disturbing enough, the comments that went along with them were just as unsettling. As one of Hitler's henchman Baldur von Shirach would exclaim in the fanzine, "We who have had the privilege of being able to work with him have come to worship and love him."